Pomeranians have been a part of our lives as long as I can remember. We've raised many animals, but these adorable fur balls have been our passion. We love their happy, alert, intelligent looking faces, and inquisitive energetic nature. We're entertained for hours watching their animated play and mannerisms. They always have a happy, warm expression that can melt your heart and change a bad day and mood to its total opposite in seconds. Their loyal nature and desire to please makes them easy to train, they get along well with other pets, and are great companions.

Jenchri is a name we came up with to combine my name and my husbands, Jean and Chris. We live in Forest Ranch, California, hence the name Jenchri Forest Pomeranians!

Our careers and raising a family prevented us from devoting enough quality time to breed and show these wonderful dogs until a couple of years ago when my husband retired, and I semi-retired. We can now truly give them the attention they need and nurture a life-long dream of being a show quality hobby breeder, selectively producing healthy, happy, and well socialized Poms. We breed for excellence in blood line, coat, colors, and temperaments.

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Proud member of the American Pomeranian Club
and the Northern California Pomeranian Club.