We have several people to thank for helping us get restarted in the breeding and showing of Pomeranians. We wanted to acknowledge them, and thank them so very much for their time, knowledge, and expertise. We would like to thank Jacklin Mathews of Bitsy Poms in Cherry Valley, California for allowing us to purchase several of her beautiful Poms to get restarted in our breeding program, and for all her help, and advice which was invaluable. Thanks to Lori Solomon of So-Me Poms in Springfield, Oregon for advice, and the gracious loan of her Champion Thai for stud service. Randy Buske of Randy's Poms, Buckley, Washington, and Ellen Smith of Palisades Poms in Merced, California for all their encouragement, advice, and help with grooming, and show advice. Also, Karleene Morrow of Showboat Pomeranians in Newport, Oregon for all her advice and support. All of these breeders/exhibitors are so generous with their time, and we feel so lucky to have met them. They all share the same love of Poms and the desire to produce excellent quality Pomeranians in type and temperament.

We would also like to thank our Sons, Corey Reese Johnson and Kevin Raymond Johnson of Wormhole Web Works for helping design our business cards, and this web site. We so appreciate their patience, and all the time spent helping their 'relatively computer challenged parents' navigate the complexities of a web site, and also for their amazing talent on the design and formation.

Thank you, as well, to my Mother, Lorna Darden of Thousand Oaks, California for having Poms as pets in my childhood which started a great love, and connection to the breed. Also for all her encouragement, support, and for putting up with us when we come to visit with all the Poms in tow!

Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to thank my husband, Chris Johnson, for loving me enough to support, and help me in this dream which could have never happened without him. I love you honey!